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Can you name the regular show characters?

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Always in a Jolly Mood
Blue Jay
Girl, Robin
The Boss of the Park
Green Skin (Hint: MY MOM!)
A Ghost
Jolly Man's Dad
Big Eyeball
Blue Guy with Black Mullet
Raccoon's Brother
Dance/Party/Drinking Soda King
All he says is 'Coffee, Coffee!'
Works at Coffee Shop and loves the raccoon
Versed the Yeti in Arm Wrestling to win back Racoon's life, Leader of the Magical Elements Bowling Team, Skeleton
Cloud, Blue Jay's Girlfriend for awhile
Skeleton's Child
(MY MOM!), Green Skin guy's dad
Girl, Robin's cousin
(MY MOM!), Green Skin guy's Girlfriend
Universe Record in 'Broken Bones' ( A.K.A G.B.F)
Ghost's cousin
Replaced the Boss of the Park, girl,
Yeti fixed his arm in the 1800's
Worked at the Park for a few days, Crimal, Animal, Transformered into an Identical Racoon

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