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rudolph is a.....
likes cookies and milk
little helper
kiss underneath
ching a ling ling
grassy circle with ribbon
what kids get excited about
icy man
put sticks carrots pebbles scarf and hat
comphy shirt
comes from sky (duh)
hard frozen
freezing wind
wear around neck
wear the big red man in the suit lives
even more hard and frozen
kids play with
kids get
socks hung
where the big red suited guy comes in
live in north pole
guy who likes cookies and milk's hat
they have teeth that can chomp
shake them and snow comes down
put on tree
the wife of the person who gives toys away
people in the sky with wings
baby _______
ruler of heaven
beautiful things that come from sky
in who ville
premiere on tv
cover ears
keeps worm
shoes for snow
pants for snow
tv premeire
keeps hands worm

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