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Can you name the answers to these questions found in MLP:FiM Episode 1?

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What was in the present Spike was going to give to Moon Dancer?
How many different books did Twilight read to find out about the 'mare in the moon'?
On what year of the Summer Sun Celebration is the Mare in the Moon said to bring nighttime eternal?
Who is the first pony Twilight sees in Ponyville?
What is Applejack in charge of for the Summer Sun Celebration?
What does Rainbow Dash use to dry off Twilight Sparkle?
What color bow does Rarity settle on for the decorations?
Which bird in Fluttershy's chorus is off-key?
What does Pinkie Pie put on top of her cupcakes?
What is one of the nicknames Pinkie Pie gave to Nightmare Moon?

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