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Can you create a nether portal without a diamond pickaxe?
What is better, a protection 3 iron chest plate or un-enchanted diamond chestplate
Can a zombie pigman be made in the overworld?
True or False- You can shoot a enderman if your quick and behind it
True or False- It takes 120 seconds to break bedrock with a diamond pickaxe in survival mode
What tool has more durability- a stone pickaxe or a gold pickaxe
Besides lava what will power a furnace the longest?
After adding nether wart to a brewing stand what ingredient would you need to make a night vision potion?
What is the minimum amount of obsidian you need to make a nether portal?
You find a village and in one of the buildings is a chest with things in it. What is this building called?
You are in the caves and you come into a room that has green blocks that looks like cobblestone, what is this called?
You are caving and come into a room with a chest or two and a cage like block with something spinning in it, what is this called?
In the desert you see a pyramid like structure (desert temple) you go to the bottom and there are how many chests?
In the same desert temple what is under the sandstone under the floor?
What hostile mob will a wolf not attack?
An ocelot will scare what hostile mob away?
Gold ore can be found at surface level in what biome?
When you are fishing and you catch a puffer fish, you eat it and get sick... What purpose is a puffer fish used for?
True or False- You can only find black leather in mineshaft chests
True or False- You can only find music disc's in chests throughout your world.

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