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Can You Identify These Charles de Lint Characters by Description?

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Young messenger woman who lives outside the Enclaves
Falls in love with a tattooed mechanic ghost
Teenager who is unintentionally seeking her totem
Animal attempting to stay human by finding true love
Whimsical artist with a dark past who paints the magic all around
Hapless high school student led by the faeries to jump off the school roof
Young wizard trained by the world's foremost wizard
Owns the Roseharp: later migrates to Newford
Canadian artist haunted by the fading powers of the wood
Antique dealer who finds a powerful item in stock
Child rescued by cats from a snake bite
Asian-American with a powerful dragon legacy
Musician who finds a strange and wonderful book
One of two crows girls: watched Raven create the world
Writer whose dreams contain worlds
Pink-haired faerie who plays in a punk band
Master artist who takes Isabelle Copley under his wing
Harper and wolf-hunter
Gangbanger, motorcycle rider, and rat
Romany musician pursued by an evil force

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