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How old was Queen Victoria when she died?
Who was Queen Victoria's first Prime Minister?
How long did Queen Victoria reign for?
What palace did Queen Victoria spend her childhood in?
What was the name of the building that hosted the 'Great Exhibition' of 1851?
Which Russian prince visited Queen Victoria in 1839?
What German principality was Queen Victoria's mother from?
What drug did Queen Victoria use during the birth of her last two children?
What was the name of Queen Victoria's last child?
What did Victoria threaten to do after Disraeli refused to take action against Russia?
What was the name of the crisis that occurred after the Whig Government resigned in 1839?
What was the sum of Prince Albert's allowance granted by parliament?
Who was Victoria's first Chef in Windsor palace?
Who was Victoria's final Prime Minister?
What was the disease that Lady Flora had that Queen Victoria mistook for pregnancy?

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