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Can you name the Old English Pronouns and Determiners?

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HintOld English
3rd pers, masc, gen, sg
the, dat, sg, neut
2nd pers, dual, dative
the, dat, sg, fem
the, acc, sg, neut
this, acc, sg, neut
the, dat, pl
3rd pers, masc, acc, sg
the, nom, sg, fem
1st pers, dual, dative
the, gen, sg, neut
this, dat, pl
2nd pers, pl, accusative
this, dat, sg, masc
1st pers, dual, accusative
the, gen, sg, masc
3rd pers, masc, dat, sg
2nd pers, dual, accusative
this, dat, sg, neut
the, nom, pl
3rd pers, neut, nom, sg
1st pers, sg, dative
this, nom, sg, fem
this, dat, sg, fem
3rd pers, pl, dative
HintOld English
2nd pers, pl, dative
2nd pers, dual, nominative
this, nom, sg, masc
3rd pers, neut, acc, sg
3rd pers, fem, nom, sg
the, ind
this, acc, sg, fem
3rd pers, fem, gen, sg
3rd pers, fem, acc, sg
the, nom, sg, neut
this, gen, sg, fem
3rd pers, pl, accusative
1st pers, sg, genitive
this, gen, pl
3rd pers, fem, dat, sg
1st pers, sg, nominative
this, gen, sg, masc
the, dat, sg, masc
this, nom, pl
2nd pers, pl, nominative
this, acc, sg, masc
3rd pers, pl, nominative
3rd pers, neut, gen, sg
2nd pers, sg, nominative
1st pers, pl, genitive
HintOld English
1st pers, dual, genitive
the, nom, sg, masc
1st pers, pl, accusative
1st pers, dual, nominative
this, acc, pl
the, acc, sg, fem
1st pers, pl, nominative
3rd pers, pl, genitive
this, ind
2nd pers, sg, accusative
the, acc, pl
2nd pers, dual, genitive
3rd pers, masc, nom, sg
this, gen, sg, neut
the, acc, sg, masc
1st pers, sg, accusative
3rd pers, neut, dat, sg
2nd pers, pl, genitive
1st pers, pl, dative
2nd pers, sg, dative
the, gen, sg, fem
2nd pers, sg, genitive
the, gen, pl
this, nom, sg, neut

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