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QUIZ: Can you name the GCSE English Language Techniques?

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'Dr Smith from the University of...'
'The Earth is flat.'
'Bang' 'Crash' 'Splash'
'Melanie must walk 3 miles to school every morning'
'How would you feel if...?'
'Poor, defenceless, innocent children'
'The lake was like glass'
'A fountain of knowledge'
'The sun smiled down on us'
'70% of people believe that...'
'I paused.'
'Sammy the snake silently slithered down the slope slowly.'
'Deafening silence.'
'The car was travelling a thousand miles an hour.'
'The man tripped, and landed with his face in his food.'
'Testing on animals is cruel, outdated, and unnecessary.'
'The ancient abandoned house was desolate and dark at the end of the winding, cobbled road.'

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