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Can you name the Superhero given their death and resurrection?

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Sacrificed his life to save the Multiverse during the original CrisisTrapped in the Speed Force for 25 years, he is seen running out of a tunnel created by Metron to try and save Orion from getting killed (during Final crisis)
This heroine encountered a force that increased her telepathic powers immensely and lost control. She was able to briefly take back control and commit suicide (via laser turret)Her body was found in a cocoon at the bottom of the ocean and 'woke up' as Mr. Fantastic was running tests on her (turns out an alien had kidnapped her, copied her likeness, and had been posing as her and that's who actually died). So there wasn’t really any “dying and being reborn from the ashes”, as you might have expected from this heroine
While lying in a hospital bed (with the rest of the JLA currently occupied), a mind-switch performed by the villain Dr Zuel (Giganta) went bad and resulted in both of their deathsAfter realizing that the world needed her, Zeus resurrected her back among her Amazonian sister in Themyscira
One of the most cosmically powerful heroes in the universe (with the help of his Nega-Bands), this hero dies of cancer after being exposed to Nerve Gas during battleDue to a superhero prison being built in The Negative Zone, a wrinkle in time was created, which was touched by this hero in the past. This transported him to present day where he picked up his Nega-Bands again to become the great hero he once was
Killed by DoomsdayReborn through his regeneration matrix after four different characters picked up his mantle
After surrendering following Civil War, this American hero was shot by a sniper's bullet, then 3 more fatal shots from point blank range. His mind was then lost in time.His mind was lost in time, bringing him to various moments of his life. Recently brought back to present day in time to stop his WWII nemesis from killing a hero while possessing this hero’s body
One of three heroes lost in space during ‘52’. He dies from an overexposure to Lady Styx’s necrotoxin, which would make him come back as a zombie-slaveRevived (quite literally) moments after his death by the beings who first gave him his animal-mimicking powers
After being severely injured, this hero uses a jetpack to fly into an invading Kree ship and destroys it. Thus sacrificing himself to save his teammatesWhen Scarlet Witch warps reality (as she often does), this purple archer is brought back to life, with no memory of previous events
Killed by Darkseid's Omega Beams during Final Crisis. He broke his rule on using guns to save the MultiverseCurrently trapped in time, but resurrection is inevitable due to popularity of character
Dies after Bullseye fatally stabs her multiple times with her own weaponsLater brought back by a pupil of Stick (the martial arts master of this heroine)
Killed in an exploding plane over Metropolis. He chose death over losing his arm, which would make him unable to fire a bow anymore'Resurrected' by good friend Hal Jordan/Spectre ( who actually saved him at the last second from the plane by transporting him to an alternate dimension)
While being possessed by Dr Doom, this hero's teammate was forced to kill his friend in an attempt to rid the world of DoomHis 'four'-mer team in ruins, this hero's teammates go to Heaven and talk to God himself in an attempt to get their friend back (don't worry, they succeeded)
Beaten near to death by The Joker, then killed by an exploding bombSuperboy-Prime punched his way back into Earth's dimension, thus warping reality and bringing this hero back to life. This hero then goes slightly crazy and attacks the boy who took over his previous mantle
After contracting cancer, this 'hero' is genetically inserted with a healing factor, which disfigures his face and body. He is killed while being held in prison Hint: Not WolverineMoments after getting his heart ripped out, this hero's latent healing-factor kicks in and he grows a new heart (although it doesn't heal his scarred body). He then begins his career as a mercenary who likes to break the fourth wall
Possessed by the living embodiment of fear and terrorized his home planet of Earth. He sacrificed his life to save Earth's sun from the villain Sun-EaterAfter his soul is separated from The Spectre, he finds his way back to his body that the Guardians have preserved for his imminent return to their galactic police force
Injected himself with the Legacy Virus (a virus intended to kill all mutants). While it killed him, it cured everyone else suffering from the virusBrought back to life by alien means so his metallic mutant body could be studied to learn of its inner workings
Killed by an alternate version of himself from Earth-Prime during Infinite CrisisPlaced in a regeneration matrix, revived 1000 years in the future, sent back in time to participate in Blackest Night
Caught in an airplane explosion during WWII, his dead body fell into the ocean (His partner's body froze in the Arctic and was thawed out years later)Dead body picked up by the Soviets not long after the plane explosion. They brought him back to life, fitted with a cybernetic left arm and drafted him as a spy for their own purposes during the Cold War. Recently picked up the mantle of his old WWII partner
After being mutated into the Dweller of the Depths in exchange for saving the citizens of Sub Diego, this King of the Sea is killed by the villain Narwhal during One-Year-LaterWill he be among the many to be revived after being a Black Lantern? It has been verified that this hero will indeed return in The Brightest Day
During the great battle of Ragnarok, this hero severs the tapestry of Asgard's existance, thus destroying everything and everyone in AsgardThis hero's well-know weapon makes it's way back to Earth (or should I say Midgard) and is soon picked up by the hero's human/secret/alternate identity. The two identities had been separated several years back and after his return, this hero sets up roots in Oklahoma and proceeds to search for his former friends

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