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Can you name the 'Scott Pilgrim vs. The World' characters?

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Actor NameCharacter NameDescription
Michael CeraHero of the movie/book, plays the bass
Mary Elizabeth WinsteadMysterious new love interest from New York, has 7 Evil Exes
Mark Webber'The Talent', lead singer of Sex Bob-Omb
Alison PillRed-headed drummer for Sex Bob-Omb, incredibly sarcastic
Ellen Wong17 years old Chinese highschooler, obsessed with the hero
Johnny SimmonsNot that young, Sex Bob-Omb's biggest fan/video game enthusiast/back up bassist
Kieran CulkinMain character's gay roommate
Brie LarsonHero's former girlfriend, lead singer of The Clash at Demonhead, currently dating 3rd Evil Ex
Actor NameCharacter NameDescription
Anna Kendrick19 year old sister of the hero
Aubrey PlazaWorks at CD store and the Second Cup Coffee shop, always being bleeped out due to foul language
Satya Bhabha1st Evil Ex, has a thing for pirates and summoning Demon Hipster Chicks
Chris Evans2nd Evil Ex, sellout actor and pro-skater
Brandon Routh3rd Evil Ex, bassist for The Clash At Demonhead, vegan & psyhic
Mae Whitman4th Evil Ex, blond half-ninja, tends to be a little bi-furious
Keita & Shora Saito5th & 6th Evil Exs, Japanese twins who have a musical duel with Sex Bob-Omb
Jason Schwartzman7th Evil Ex, rich and powerful music producer, has a thing for swords

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