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Can you name the Same Character Different Actor II?

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Robert Mitchum/Robert DeNiro
Albert Finney/Michael Caine
Dustin Hoffman/Jason Isaacs
Rex Harrison/Eddie Murphy
Wendy Hiller/Audrey Hepburn
Matt Damon/John Malkovich
Lon Chaney/Gerard Butler
Fay Wray/Naomi Watts
Rick Moranis/Stephen Baldwin
Willem Dafoe/Jim Caviezel
Martin Sheen/Robert Duvall
Chris O'Donnell/Gabriel Byrne
Alanis Morissette/Morgan Freeman
Tom Cruise/Stuart Townsend
James Mason/Jeremy Irons
Charlton Heston/Will Smith
Laurence Olivier/Mel Gibson
Anthony Michael Hall/Ethan Embry
Christopher Reeve/Brandon Routh
Gregory Peck/Patrick Stewart

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