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QUIZ: Name the TV character whose initials are provided as missing letters in the clue.

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D'o*-nut lover on The *impsons
*ashless Seinfeld character plun*ed Joe Pepitone
Matricide-ob*essed Family *uy character
M*A*S** Swam* inhabitant
Thrice-repeated na*e on The Brady *unch
T*pped to *ix juke box on Happy Days
Kyl*'s *ontinuing rival on South Park
Owns mustar* suits and beet farm with cou*in Mose on The Office
*ame shouted in unison by *atrons at Cheers
For*erly known as 'Big Fat *oalie' on Friends
Ma* Men imposter a* executive
Love*ble *igot from All in the Family
T*ught son *ud dollar-on-a-string strip-club tipping on Married...with Children
*y-the-playbook pickup arti*t on How I Met Your Mother
Honeybees sin*er and occasional psychoanalyst on *illigan's Island
Bas*ment o* his house was hangout on That 70's Show
*pouse *ith a knack for money laundering on Breaking Bad
Th*eatened to send wife Alice from Broo*lyn 'to the moon' on The Honeymooners
A*ored by Niles, caretaker for *artin on Frasier
M.*. and *upernatural skeptic for most of The X-Files
WJ* news produce* on The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Troubl*-making sycop*ant on Leave it to Beaver
Three's *ompany *ex symbol
The Sopranos (mostly) non-*udg*ental psychiatrist

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