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Name the character from The Simpsons whose initials are provided as missing letters in the clue.

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*om with a gambling problem who talk* in a nagging voice
*heats death on a weekly basis and *ade $1 million dollar bet on soft*all
Radioactive *an #1 co-owner who *ies for Lisa's affection and once boug*t Bart's Soul
Surre*dered to Bart after saturation bo*bing with water balloons, he is also a fan of Andy Williams' Moon River
'Deported' Bart to a *chool for gifted children rather than rete*t his aptitude
He thinks Lisa choo-choo-chooses him from valentine and plays Geo*ge *ashington opposite her
You may remember him from such films as Alice Doesn'* Live Any*ore or Leper in the Backfield
Bart cheated off his exa* and took credit for his soa*box racer design
On Than*sgiving, he interviewed runaway *art and once mistakenly welcomed ant overlords on air
*ohns *opkins graduate whose puppy, Rosa Barks, was impregnated by Santa's Little Helper
*usband asked this *ocal gossip to quit selling cosmetics because she was making more than him
Ow*er of The Le*torium who lost his wife in a T-shirt gun accident
Left The *e Sharps for artistic reasons and won Sprin*field Film Festival for Puke-a-hontas
Sidekick a*used by Krus*y who has chest tattoo that reads 'the Bart, the' when translated to German
His wife Brandine on*e wielded a *hotgun at him for giving his pig 'a day of beauty and make-up'
L*st job for not having license and passed driver's test by *aking jokes about Homer
Unintelligible School employee *ho Bart frequently *akes the butt of his jokes
Sh* had a recurring romance with Seymour S*inner before marrying Ned Flanders
Wa* said to have 'a life of celi*acy thrust upon her', she had an epiphany from Aunt Gladys' video will
Managed by Co*one* Homer, her hits include Bagged Me a Homer and Bunk with Me Tonight
O*ce said, 'Well, if it isn't my old f*iend Mr. McGregg--with a leg for an arm and an arm for a leg.'
Sleeps with a **r-Jar Binks figure and translated the Lord of the Rings to Klingon for Master's Thesis
The star of 'Man Getting *it By Football', he was once *istaken for Bart and accidentally de-programmed
*adioactive Man actor *ho claimed his SUV's gas mileage was, '1 Highway, 0 City'

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