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Name the MLB MVP winner whose initials are provided as missing letters in the clue.

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2017 *ngel who last won MV* in 2009
Holds multiple ML* *B records including 2558 career, 139 per 162 games, and 688 intentional
In his first 6 seasons, he won 2 *VPs and finished 2nd 3 *imes
Played 2,632 *onsecutive games for the O*ioles
Teammate of *erez, Mo*gan, and Bench who is baseball's all-time hit leader with 4,256 hits
He was *wice denied the MVP despite *inning the triple crown
*ormer Auburn foo*ball player known as 'The Big Hurt'
One of a han*ful of r*lievers ever to do so, he won 1992 MVP with A's
Braves outfiel*er who won consecutive *VPs in 1982-83
The only Yankee to win bo*h ROY and *VP awards, he died practicing landing a small aircraft in 1979
He and *illie *ays formed one of the great lineup pairings for 14 seasons
'L*t's play two' was commonly attri*uted to to this Cubs great
Set s*ngle-*eason hit record with 262
Expos and Cubs Outfielder won 1987 NL MVP, who l*ter played for Marlins and Re* Sox
Slugger for Phillies, Car*inals, Dodgers, fin*lly won MVP award for 1972 White Sox
So*d to the A's by the International Lea*ue Orioles in 1925, he won 9 ERA titles and 300 games
Dodge*s *atcher who won NL MVP in 1951, 1953, 1955
*oomed with *ickey Mantle as the 2 combined for 115 HRs in 1961
Wa* one of 2 players ever to start an all-star *ame as a write-in candidate in 1974 MVP season
W*n MVP and only *hampionship with 1967 Cardinals
*VP season for 1962 Dodgers *as highlighted by 104 stolen bases
1953 Indians st*r became only MVP winne* to win Executive of the Year honors with 1979 Giants
Popular R*ds Catcher of 1930s was notorious*y slow , but hit .306 for his career
His 'Homer in the *loaming' was one of the most famous walk-offs in MLB *istory

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