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Name the HR title winner whose initials are provided as missing letters in the clue.

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*lasted 340 HRs and won 4 MVP awards after his 35th *irthday
Won 3 *VPs and 8 HR title* with Phillies
The only player *ith 50 ho*er seasons 10 years apart
Character '*immy Dugan' in 'A League of Their Own' is loosely based on his li*e which included 534 HRs, 4 HR titles
Hit 714 HRs to *reak *oger Connor's previous career record of 138
Cubs acqui*ed this *econd baseman from Phillies prior to his rookie season--he won 1990 HR title with 40
'The *id' won 4 HR titles on the way to 630 career din*ers
Broke *uth's single-season HR record a*id hate mail, booing, and death threats in 1961
Career leader in RBI (2,297), extra-base *its (1,477), and tot*l bases (6,856)
Set single season ho*er record at age 34, but never won an *VP award
Played *or 6 tea*s in 19-year career that included HR titles with Blue Jays and Padres as well as 493 career blasts
En*oyed outstanding *ookie year with Fred Lynn and won 3 HR titles in 16-year career in Boston
Among the greatest Canadian-born p*ayers of all time, he *on 1997 NL HR title and MVP with Rockies
Won MVP of both NL and *orld *eries in his 18th season (1979)
*e *nocked out 40+ HRs 8 times without ever hitting 50 in a season
*on 1969 *VP award and 3 HR titles with Giants in 1960's
*erided wherever he played, '*ong' was the first player to homer for 4 teams in 1 season (1977)
*ormer Dodger '*ondo' won HR titles with Washington in 1968 and 1970
Won 7 straight H* titles to begin 10-year career, but may now be *nown better as Mets broadcaster
Hit career-high 42 ho*ers in 1929 at age 20, but w*n 6 HR titles thereafter
Wo* on*y HR title in triple crown season of 1901 with Mack's Athletics, but was granted free agency 4/21/02
After winnin* 6 HR titles for Phillies from 1913-19, he be*ame a judge
Kno*n as the man Gehrig re*laced, he won AL HR titles in 1916-17
'Ducky' holds ma*or league record for *ost consecutive seasons with 40+ doubles, won 1937 NL triple crown

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