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Name the famous person whose initials are provided as missing letters in the clue

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Led Indian independence *ovement a*ainst British rule
Made first solo transatlanti* f*ight
American automobi*e execut*ve who revived Chrysler Corporation
Won *our presi*ential elections and founde* of New Deal
Key *WII politi*al leader
Ma*or figure in *oviet Union from Russian Civil War until death in 1953
*as granted a *oyal patent to explore Virginia, paving way for English settlements
S*anish *ainter known for co-founding the cubist movement
Fren*h i*pressionist best known for water lilies
20th Ce*tury painte*/illustrator of American culture
Nephew of Emperor *ranz Jose* whose assassination sparked WWI
First Muslim Nobel l*ureate and President of Egypt was a*sassinated in 1981
Co-founded and headed So*idarity and *on the Nobel Peace Prize in 1983
Ice*andic *xplorer and first known European to have discovered continental North America
Ma*or figure in the abstract ex*ressionist movement known for drip painting
*nglish physician en*oyed fame as pioneer of small pox vaccine
Former Army Chief of Staff *ho commanded forces during the Vietnam *ar from 1964-1968
*ith sister Caroline *e discovered Uranus and compiled catalog of 2,500 celestial objects
American artist best known for paintin*s *f enlarged flowers
*ovelist, journalist, fil*-maker best known for The Executioner's Song
Ameri*an poet, writer, editor who won three Pulitzer Prize* including one for biography of Abraham Lincoln
Author best known for presidential biographies including Harry S. Truman and John A*a*s

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