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Name the historical figure whose initials are provided as missing letters in the clue.

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Mon*ol leader *nown (paradoxically) for both genocide and religious tolerance
Explorer most frequently *redited with dis*overy of the New World
Ita*ian i*eal of Renaissance man--in*entor, artist, and scientist
Poet/play*right widely regarded as greatest writer of Engli*h language
Emperor of Fra*ce who dominated glo*al affairs 1804-1815
*nown for Communist *anifesto
Scientific *ontributions include theory that all species of life *escended from common ancestors over time
Credited with p*tentin* first telephone, *ut refused to have one in his study
South-Africa* President who oversaw dis*antling of apartheid
Venetian *erchant traveler whose manuscript described Chinese *olitics, economy, and culture
Protestant Refor*ation's Centra* figure
*eneral who crossed Dela*are River and surprised Hessian mercenaries
American businessman who pioneered mas* produ*tion of the revolver
P*esident who took US off gold sta*dard
*oyage to In*ia was first linkin* Europe and Asia by sea
*ourneyed to Pacifi* three times and mapped much of Australia, New Zealand, and Hawaii
*pearheaded com*ercial use of telegraphy
Sued by partner in 'Pro*ect of the Books', he began printin* with moveable type in Europe
Lord pr*te*tor of England, Scotland, and Ireland 16 December 1653
English scholar who *heorized that population multiplies geo*etrically and food arithmetically
*unior Senator from Wisconsin who fueled fears of Co*munist subversion in US government
Russian cosmonaut was the first human to journe* into outer space, but died while on a routine trainin* flight
Greek mathemati*ian, astronomer, and geogra*her who wrote significant ancient treatise on astronomy
*umpstarted British agricul*ural revolution with seed drill invention--later had rock band named after him

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