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Name the batting title winner whose initials are provided as missing letters in the clue.

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Teammate of Tony *erez with *eds
The 'Splendid Splin*er' had chilly relationship *ith media
*talwart Cardinal nickna*ed 'The Man'
Won only *atting title in the yea* he won 6th of 12 HR titles
Known for consistent power, *e won batting titles in 1956 *nd 1959
Only batting title came in triple crown ca*paign, but *ay have lost others to ballpark
*amously traded for Milt Pappas prio* to 1966 batting title
*ould there have been a more fitting pla*er to take over for Ted Williams?
Three-time battin* champion with Royals posted *est average since Ted Williams in 1941
Cigarette card of *im *as once purchased at auction for $3.12 million
Pi*ate right-fielder with *annon arm
'The *aja*' won 6 straight NL batting titles from 1920-25
Marin*r for who* Outstanding Designated Hitter Award was renamed
Hit .366 for 1970 B*aves after missing entire 1968 season with tuber*ulosis
The '*oad Runner' attended *rambling and hit .353 for 1974 Braves
Red Sox a*quired this third baseman from Ange*s and he immediately won 1981 batting title
White Sox shortstop hit .388 to win 1936 A* b*tting title
Philadelphia gr*at of the 1890's won batting title for '02 Senators then *ied accidentally 7/2/03
Won 1982 NL batting title *fter Exp*s acquired him for Larry Parrish and Dave Hostetler
*ngel outfielder *ust beat Yaz by .0004 for 1970 AL batting title, was suspended 5 times in 1971

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