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The Lion King *as a loo*e adaptation of his play HamletWilliam Shakespeare
To* Sawyer, as referenced in a Rush song, is a vigilan*e said to have a 'mean, mean stride'Mark Twain
The Rav*n for which B*ltimore's NFL team is named was one of his many *oemsEdgar Allan Poe
*ust about the wo*st music video eve* is Leonard Nimoy singing *he Ballad of Bilbo Baggins relating the plot of this author's book The HobbitJ. R. R. Tolkien
S*rooge Mc*uck is a parody of this 19th century author's best-known characterCharles Dickens
Murder on the Orient Express w*s influenced by the kidnapping of *harles Lindbergh's son and the author's experience of being stuck on the trainAgatha Christie
The *dventures of Sherlo*k Holmes is so popular that even Batman an* the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have storylines with the detectiveArthur Conan Doyle
Clueless is *ust one *daptation of this 18th century author's book EmmaJane Austen
The author's great-great grandchildren dismissed the film adaptation as '*ulgar commercialization' w*en Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame was releasedVictor Hugo
The inaugural cover o* People Magazine feature* Mia *arrow as Daisy Buchanan, character in The Great GatsbyF. Scott Fitzgerald
In a *lever marketing scheme, her novel Jane Eyre was su*titled, 'an autobiography'Charlotte Brontë
South Park's Marsh family *oins a ma*s migration west when internet access dries up in Colorado in a parody of The Grapes of WrathJohn Steinbeck
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Watching the film adaptation of this author'* boo* Cujo caused Rachel to jump into Joey's arms on FriendsStephen King
W*ile enjoying a Starbucks coffee, think of The Pequod's sensible and ulti*ately doomed first mate in Moby DickHerman Melville
Ma*ilyn Manson's *ance of the Dope Hats music video was inspired by the boat ride in Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryRoald Dahl
His moth*r called T*e Sun Also Rises 'one of the filthiest books of the year'Ernest Hemingway
Often cited as a *eference for British outloo* on colonial populations, The Jungle Book has been rewritten many times for films, TV, and comicsRudyard Kipling
T*is author's novel War of the Worlds led Robert *oddard to become intrigued *ith space travelH. G. Wells
A 1969 episode of Get Smart featured Max on the trail of a figurine called t*e 'Tequi*a Mocking Bird', a takeoff on this author's novelHarper Lee
The Sc*t's Observer stated The Picture of Dorian Gray *ould be of interest mainly to 'outlawed noblemen and perverted telegraph-boys'Oscar Wilde
1990's fol* rock band Billy Pilgrim is named after the main character in Slaughterhouse-Fi*eKurt Vonnegut
David Bowie's 1974 album Diamond Do*s c*ntains five songs inspired by this writer's masterpiece published in 1949George Orwell
Members of the heavy metal band As I Lay Dying *hich bears the same name as the *amous novel, have said they borrowed the name but there is no real correlationWilliam Faulkner
This author's poem The Wa*rus and the *arpenter was parodied in three separate Beatles songsLewis Carroll

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