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CharacterActor Actor - Movie
Vito Corleone
Benjamin Braddock
Travis Bickle
Joe Buck
Ashley Wilkes
Charles Foster Kane
Ilsa Lund
Bilbo Baggins
Han Solo
Frank Drebin
Dorothy Gale
Blanche DuBois
Katniss Everdeen
Hermione Granger
George Bailey
Ellen Ripley
Inspector Jacques Clouseau
Jack D Ripper
Rocky Sullivan
Jack Dawson
Jack Sparrow
Buzz Lightyear
Sugar Kane
Sam Spade
CharacterActor Actor - Movie
Norman Bates
Regan MacNeil
Don Lockwood
Maria Rainer
Eliza Dolittle
R.P. McMurphy
John McClane
The Grinch
Ethan Hunt
Mortimer Brewster
Fletcher Christian
Henry Gondorff
Hubbell Gardiner
Fanny Brice
Miranda Priestley
Det. Mike Lowrey
Virgil Tibbs
Jim, The Waco Kid
The Monster (the first one)
Eddie 'Popeye' Doyle
Felix Unger
Morris Buttermaker
Margo Channing
Norma Desmond

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