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QUIZ: Can you name the actor or the TV show of these TV characters?

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TV CharacterActorTV Show
Hannah Horvath
Sam Malone
Detective Fish
Claire Huxtable
Ed Norton
Kwai Chang Caine
Rachel Green
Ricky Ricardo
Latka Gravas
Arnold Jackson
Gloria Prichett
Carrie Bradshaw
Eliot Ness
Tyrion Lannister
Joe Friday
Nancy Botwin
Sonny Crockett
Dr. Doug Ross
Leslie Knope
Walter White
Vinnie Barbarino
Alex P. Keaton
Paulie 'Walnuts' Gualtieri
Jesse Katsopolis
Ben Cartwright
TV CharacterActorTV Show
Maynard G Krebs
President Bartlet
Jess Day
Ann Romano
Jed Clampett
J.J. Evans
Hot Lips Houlihan
Jeff Winger
Don Draper
Agent 99
Oliver Wendell Douglas
Opie Taylor
Matt Dillon
Elaine Benes
James Tiberius Kirk
JR Ewing
Dana Scully
Professor Roy Hinkley
Archie Bunker
Ann Marie
Ethel Mertz
Donna Martin
Steve Austin

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