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Can you name the Remington Steele Episodes based on descriptions?

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Steele and Laura head to Mexico after her cleaning lady's supposed son shows up dead on Laura's doorstep.2
The gang heads to Murphy's college reunion to help solve the murder of a classmate.1
Laura's house is burned down by a mysterious company trying to bankrupt an aircraft manufacturer.2
Steele creates a fake case to lure Laura to San Francisco for a romantic getaway.3
A bulletproof coat causes problems.2
Steele disappears from Laura's Stanford Alumni concert in the Rivera to steel the Hapsburg Daggar.3
A father from one of Laura's old cases shows up and taunts the agency, framing Steele for a murder he did not commit.2
After attempting to steel the royale lavuelite, a mysterious yet charming conman throws himself into Laura's world.1
Steele goes undercover as an insomniac to solve a murder at a sleep clinic.1
Steele chooses the costumes for a western themed costume party, Laura and Murphy are not happy.1
Norman Keys pesters Laura and Steele until they get married on a fishing boat to avoid his deportation.4
Steele returns to Ireland to take care of his past; Mildred discovers his true identity.4
Steele and Laura go undercover on an airline after a body shows up in baggage; Mildred threatens to quit.4
After finding a treasure that had been missing for decades, Steele acquires his 1936 Auburn Speedster.2
Laura and Steele get in touch with their feelings at a relaxation spa after a death threatens to shut it down.4
Steele and Laura get trapped on an island with a murderer, Agatha Christie style.1
Mexican honeymoon gone wrong.5
Steele goes undercover as a postman to find out more about a professional wrestler.3
A phony life insurance company is publishing preemptive obituaries; Steele buys a VCR.4
Laura and Steele help Daniel Chalmers pull off a con on a boat a la The Sting.1

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