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Forced Order
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He was the first left-handed devil-president with a lasagna-loving cat named for him.
He got sold to a tailor shop at the ripe age of 14. He was also the first president to be impeached.
Under his administration, no dancing was allowed in the White House. Not the salsa, not the polka, not even the occasional Hammer Dance.
Known for winning the electoral vote but not the popular vote. Yet another president who did nothing.
He was the Last of the Whigs. For people who did not know this already, the Whigs are sort of the Hufflepuff of political parties.
With an intense love for horsies, his high jump record at West Point lasted for 25 years.
The only president to never marry.
He put a christmas-- my bad, holiday tree into the White House.
He would have lived longer if he had stayed away from the cherries and iced milk.
Nothing says cool like likely having Marfan's Syndrome.

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