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Can you name the Hunger Games Characters by Clue??

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Victor of the 70th Games4
Trainer of the Training CenterCapitol
Doctor who deemed protagonist mentally disabled13
Won his Games with a wire3
Johanna's district partner in the 75th Games7
Died by having his legs blown off with a mine13
Younger runaway from District Eight in Catching Fire8
Gale's crewmate, starts with a B12
Victor of District Two who was killed by Peeta Mellark2
Protagonist's sister's cat12
Bought his brother's freedom out of the CapitolCapitol/13
Career who was attacked by wolf mutts2
Career who died from an axe to the chest1
Host of the Hunger Games interviews for over 40 yearsCapitol
Victor from Eight who has three kids8
Suspected killed during interrogation, stylistCapitol
Victor who lost a hand11
Announcer for the GamesCapitol
Knife thrower with deadly accuracy, Career2
Used to be Head Peacekeeper for District 1212
Cameraman with a shaved headCapitol
Wants to take over Panem but killed by protagonist13
Used to be Peacekeeper but now an Avox12
Happy girl who has something nice to say about everyone12
Runaway from District 1013/10
Boy at the District Eight hospital who talked to the protagonist8
Escort for District 12Capitol
Only surviving District Two victor after Mockingjay2
Killed in a sewage pipe4
Male prep team memeber for the protagonistCapitol
Sly tribute of the 74th Games5
Head Gamemaker of the 75th Games's assistantCapitol
Protagonist's best friend12
Breathtakingly beautiful at her Games's interviews but killed by mutts1
Killed by an arrow through the temple1
Sells soup at the Hob12
Sold a goat to the protagonist12
Victor of the 50th Hunger Games12
Mother to four kids, wife to a deceased miner12
Can shoot the dust off your boots from fifty yards13
Second-in-command of Squad 45113
Only surviving female victor of District 77
Dead goat12
Redheaded Avox girl (enter her real name)Unknown
Identical twin sister to another character, died after her sisterUnknown
Identical twin sister to another character, died before her sisterUnknown
Protagonist's neighbor who helps her with her best friend12
Won her games over a generation ago, but a rebel2
She gave the mockingjay pin to the protagonist12
Volunteer from District Four at the 75th Games4
Killed for 'stealing' a pair of night vision glasses11
Killed protagonist's first ally in the 74th Games1
Mayor of District 1212
She brought the mockingjay pin to the 50th Games as her token12
Capitol cameraman with a pierced tongueCapitol
Killed by a spiked net13
Killed in a mining accident, known as a great singer12
Known as the baker12
Protagonist's mother12
Sister to a killed tribute, known to have splitting headaches12
Plump, young woman of protagonist's prep teamCapitol
New president of Panem after emergency election8
The baker's son12
Head Gamemaker of the 75th GamesCapitol
Avox cameramanCapitol/13
Dead stylist executed with her prep teamCapitol
Youngest Hawthorne child12
Smells like blood and rosesCapitol
Replaced by a volunteer at the 74th Games12
One-armed woman who sells liquor at the Hob12
New Head Peacekeeper of District 12Capitol
Second-oldest Hawthorne child12
Protagonist's first ally in the 74th Games11
60-year-old victor killed in the 75th Games' bloodbath11
Head Gamemaker of the 74th GamesCapitol
Invited to join the Career pack but refused11
Gale's crewmate, begins with a T12
Tried to eat other dead tributes, killed in an avalanche6
Older runaway from District Eight in Catching Fire8
Stylist who radically appears to look like a tigerCapitol
Aqua-haired woman of protagonist's prep teamCapitol
Second-youngest Hawthorne child12
Tried to eat poisonous bugs at the Training Center in the 75th Games8
Trainer for beginners in District 1313

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