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Can you name the things in Arrested Development from A-Z?

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AAdopted Korean son
BGOB's youngest brother
CTobias' acting coach
DActor who plays Tobias Funke
ESteve Holt's mother
FMaeby's surname
GJailed patriarch's first name
HRole played by Carl Weathers
ICountry home to illegal Bluth company model homes
JOne-armed family friend
KLong-time Bluth company secretary
LMichael's twin sister
MLindsay's twin brother
NRole filled by Ron Howard
OGeorge Sr.'s twin brother
PPrivate Investigator Gene
QWhat Andy Richter was in S.O.B.s
RMichael's English girlfriend
SGOB's son
TThe world's first analrapist
UWhat GOB is to Maeby
VSurname of George Michael's girlfriend
WThe 'professional' lawyer
YColor of stand owned by Bluths
ZSurname of Barry

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