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Can you name the terms that sound racist, but aren't?

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The New Zealand national rugby team
An annoying ectoparasitic mite larva in the family Trombiculidae that causes itching and rash
A barrier island and tourist destination in Virginia, known for its feral ponies (especially Misty)
Movie from 2001 starring Jake Gyllenhaal involving time travel and a weird bunny
Type of soft rock/rhythm and blues music popular in the 1950s and 1960s
Slang for American paper currency
The rhyming expression meaning the jitters or the creeps
A chewy fruit candy, also a tree in the genus Ziziphus
Landlocked African country that borders Mali and Chad
Miserly about spending money
A crispy snack made from a type of white grain, one type being senbei from Japan
Hard pieces that supply support in living sponges
A Turkish people from western China
Former NBA player who has been the head coach of the Chicago Bulls and L.A. Clippers
Hall of Fame baseball pitcher for the New York Yankees whose real first name is Charles
Tropical disease in the Flavivirus genus which is spread by mosquitos

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