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Forced Order
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Neville's toad
Sweets shop in Hogmeade
Ginny's Pygmy Puff
Gryffindor's ghost
Hermione's cat
Harry's patronus
Weasley's family owl
Object which allows you to look at memories
Magazine Luna's dad edits
Name of the Malfoy's former house elf
Slytherin's ghost
Hagrid's three-headed dog
Joke shop in Hogsmeade
Hermione's patronus
Death Curse
Herbology teacher
S.P.E.W founder
Ron's patronus
Minister of Magic until the 6th book
Hufflepuff's ghost
Bellatrix Lestrange's killer
Fire Spell or Curse
Ginny's patronus
Ravenclaw's ghost
Hagrid's half-brother's name
Race of Fenrir Greyback
Lowest payment increment in the wizarding world
Nickname given to Ron in the 6th book by Lavender
Voldemort's pet snake
The Half-blood prince
Transfiguration teacher
Voice Amplifying Spell
Book 1 DADA teacher
Harry and Ginny's 1st son's full name
Harry's owl
Dancing Spell
Forest which is off-limits to Hogwarts students
Book 2 DADA teacher
Compass Acting Wand Charm
Harry and Ginny's daughter's full name
Book 3 DADA teacher
Disarming Spell
Tonks' first name
Book 4 DADA teacher
Harry and Ginny's 2nd son's full name
Hagrid's dog
Book 5 DADA teacher
Name given to buckbeak when he returns to Hogwarts
Water Spell
Book 6 DADA teacher
Sirius Black's killer
Place Harry has dreams about in the 5th book
Torture Curse
Popular Inn at Hogsmeade
Transforming Potion
Light Spell
Group formed by students in 5th book due to Umbridge's lack of teaching
Water repelling Charm
What attacks Mr. Weasley in the 5th book landing him in St. Mungos?
Draco's mother
Harry's godfather
George marries_____?
Harry aquires this house elf
Bill is attacked by_____ in the 6th book
Draco's son's name
Annoying reporter(mainly in the 4th book)
Main Wizard newspaper
Instead of Harry, 'the Chosen One' could've been______?

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