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Square Enix and Walt Disney combine their efforts for the fifth time. (NDS; 1/11/11) 
The second game in a critically acclaimed side scrolling puzzle/platforming series. (PS3; 1/18/11) 
The sequel to a horror survival game taking place on Titan, one of Saturn's moons. (Win, X360, PS3; 1/25/11) 
An attempt to plug in the most familiar face in video gaming into the most sold video game of all time. (Wii; 2/7/11) 
The sequel to the first person shooter that many claim to be a 'Halo' ripoff. (Wii; 2/15/11) 
The Star Wars franchise returns to it's smash-able incarnation for the third time. (PS3, X360, Wii, NDS; 2/15/11) 
The fourth chapter, yet the third on a home console, in a full out war series presented in full 3D and using the PS Move. (PS3; 2/22/11) 
They're back, 156 new ones strong, catching them all is going to take way too long. (NDS; 3/6/11) 
The handheld sequel to a stylistic action adventure game based on Japanese legends. (NDS; 3/15/11) 
The sequel to the game that will have us all craving cake yet again. (Win, Mac, X360, PS3; 4/18/11) 
A realistic, tactical third person shooter returns for the fourth time, this time, the squad is in China. (PS3; 4/19/11) 
A reboot of the gritty fighting franchise known for its brutal fatalities. (PS3, X360; 4/19/11) 
The unforgiving continuation of a vulgar first person shooter twelve years in the making. (PS3, X360, Win; 5/3/11) 
A perfectly created Los Angeles with new motion capture technology will make this murder mystery a sandbox title to remember. (PS3, X360; 5/17/11) 
The sequel to the mass award winning adventure game with Indiana Jones-esque elements. (PS3, 11/1/11) 
The fifth in a role playing series known for its vast worlds and an endless amount of quests. (Win, X360, PS3; 11/11/11) 
The third installment in a third person shooter series about the inner workings and gruesome realities of futuristic war. (X360) 
An impressionistic take on an age old legend in video gaming about a princess, a sword, and golden triangles. (Wii) 
The third part in a hero based role playing, hack and slash game that depicts hell on a whole new level. (Win) 
The three hundred year sequel to a mass multi-player online role playing game that put us in the shoes of the light side, and the dark side. (Win) 
The sequel to the famous game about a man with shocking powers and his struggle against The Beast. (PS3) 
The insane sequel to what some people call the greatest super hero game of all time. (Win, PS3, X360) 
Another reboot, and surprisingly, second game in this series about a fallen angel. (3DS) 
The third game, by a team that brought us the beautifully crafted, cinematic, gut wrenching spectacle on the PS2, about the journey of a boy and his beast. (PS3) 
A four player online action platformer starring a whimsical Lombax, his companion robot, a distraught space captain, and a humorously evil alien. (PS3) 
The final chapter in an epic space role playing shooter that is said to pull in over 1,000 variables in from the first two games in the series. (PS3, X360) 

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