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The second chapter in an epic space RPG with an acclaimed non-linear plot.
An American assassin trying to keep his number one status, again.
The sequel to the underwater dystopia run by giant robots and little girls.
A deeply involved adventure game about normal family whose life goes down the drain after a largely impacting accident.
Another sequel to a first person shooter praised for its online gameplay.
An angry, blood lust demigod on his path of destruction makes his final stand.
The sequel to a sword wielding, gun drawing first person shooter with one to one motion controls.
An open world island that oozes with adventure and pop culture references.
A western sandbox game made by a controversial game developer.
A vacation bound writer unwittingly falls into darkness in this third person shooter.
It's a him-a, and he's-a back in space for the second time.
The sequel to the real time strategy game so popular that professional matches are broadcasted on live television.
The space bounty huntress returns to her third person roots.
HintGameRelease Date
The fifth of a popular community driven turn based strategy game based on the thirst of domination.
The last game, also the prequel, of the series that redefined the first person shooter genre.
A home console reboot of a classic whiplashing, vampire slaying game.
An enormously adorable character returns to the home console cuter than ever.
The third smash hit in the series that redefined how you play with plastic intruments.
Yet another reboot of a classic shooter starring a certain MI6 agent with a license to kill.
The seventh installment in a world renowned first person shooter franchise.
A reattempt at a now tired, yet originally hugely popular franchise starring woodland creatures.
An ape loses his banana hoard once again, and won't stop searching until he finds it.
A long awaited fifth edition of a revered realistic racing series.
An old, yet golden, RPG finally finds new life on this generation's handheld console.
A wasteland awaits for Disney's brush equipped iconic character.
The third title of a shiny swapping puzzle game franchise accessible to almost anyone.

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