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Can you name the Harry Potter professors, textbooks and characters?

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DADA Professors
Diagon Alley Businesses
Hogsmeade Businesses
Characters Who Died
Other Hogwarts Professors
Headmasters (Hogwarts and Otherwise)
Known Death Eaters
Hogwarts Classes
Creatures Classified as XXXXX (Known Wizard Killer) by the Ministry of Magic
Match the Person to the Boggart Manifestation
Harry Potter 
Ron Weasley 
Hermione Granger 
Neville Longbottom 
Remus Lupin 
Molly Weasley 
Parvati Patil 
Seamus Finnigan 
Dean Thomas 
Albus Dumbledore 
Lord Voldemort 
JK Rowling 
Goblin Characters
Match the Person to Shape of their Patronus
Harry Potter 
Ron Weasley 
Hermione Granger 
Albus Dumbledore 
Aberforth Dumbledore 
Luna Lovegood 
Minerva McGonagall 
Arthur Weasley 
Kingsley Shacklebolt 
Severus Snape 
Nympadora Tonks 
Seamus Finnigan 
Ernie MacMillan 

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