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Latin MeaningEnglish Meaning
vernus, verna, vernum
citus, cita, citum
rixa, rixae
ruga, rugae
nitidus, nitida, nitidum
senectus, senecta, senectum
laxo, laxare, laxavi, laxatus
vagus, vaga, vagum
ales, alitis
speciosus, speciosa, speciosum
casus, casus
hamus, hami
gurges, gurgitis
nemorosus, nemorosa, nemorosum
plaga, plagae
fletus, fletus
recinctus, recincta, recinctum
inreligatus, inreligata, inreligatum
surdus, surda, surdum
imber, imbris
tundo, tundere, tutudi, tusus
croceus, crocea, croceum
Latin MeaningEnglish Meaning
rigo, rigare, rigavi, rigatus
gena, genae
turpis, turpis, turpe
uva, uvae
madidus, madida, madidum
canna, cannae
ratis, ratis
palude, paludi
sidus, sideris
tiro, tironis
postes, postium
unguis, unguis
calens, calens, calentis
ferus, fera, ferum
faena, faenae
recido, recidere, recidi, recisus
dissilio, dissilire, dissilui
abrumpo, abrumpere, abrupi, abruptus
fauces, faucium
anguis, anguis
vates, vatis
merces, mercedis

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