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Where does Professor Snape live?
Who did Neville marry?
Who did George marry?
What Quidditch team did Wood play for?
What Quidditch team did Ron support?
Which friend was with Katie Bell when she was cursed by the necklace?
What is Snape's father's name?
Who is the head of the Improper Use of Magic department in the MoM?
Who did Harry, Ron and Hermione impersonate whilst infiltrating the MoM?
What ingredient in the Draft of Living Death expells more juice when crushed than cut?
Who is the Author of the 'Standard Book of Spells' series?
What does Fleur Delacour ask Ron to pass her during the Feast celebrating the Tri-Wizard tournament?
Who is Mrs. Weasley's favourite singer? (Especially during the christmas season)
What is Dumbledore's favourite type of jam?
According to Luna, what tiny creatures float in your ears and make your brain go fuzzy?
What is the incantation for healing minor injuries?
Crookshanks is half Cat and half what?
Who is Teddy Lupin caught kissing at platform 9 and 3/4?
Whats the difference between Monkswood and Wolfsbane?
What is the password to Dumbledores office when Snape is headmaster?
Name all of Ginny's boyfriends in alphabetical order.
What incantation does Ollivander carry out on Fleur's wand during the Triwizard tournament?
Who tormented Moaning Myrtle about her glasses at school?
How many christmas trees are put in the great hall every year?
What is Dumbledore's full name?
What discovery is Dumbledore most famous for?
What does Barty Crouch Sr. refer to Percy as during the fourth book?
Who performed the music at Dumbledore's funeral?
On what condition did Harry give Fred and George his Tri-Wizard winnings?
What is the answer to the sphinx's riddle: 'Now answer me this, what creature would you be unwilling to kiss?'

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