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Scrambled Word(s)Hint
teBteurbreA warm beverage
stelCanei beWrkac'A cauldron full of hot, strong love'
monrteDeCreature that feeds on despair
sulohFri ndA stolBtA book-selling buisness in Diagonalley
suntogI leePvlreHe outsmarted Death himself
gymPy fuPfGinny Weasley's pet
pyahdoarNm sTkonA metamorphagus
heT tsinMiry fO giMacThe 'government' of the magical world
sulbA mudDelbreoHis brother was fascinated by goats
cevanRwalAn Eagle represents this house
taDhe rEaetA dedicated supporter of You Know Who
Teh aFt yaLd The entrance hole for Gryffindor Common Room
lroDeos dimUgeirb'I Must Not Tell Lies'
slufnefSA fugitive's nickname
cawthotertoPThe 'illegal' radio show
Scrambled Word(s)Hint
heT oHlfloaB-d nerPicSeverus Snape's 'nickname'
heT gHos dHaeThe owner of this buisness has a fascination for goats
davinlOerlsWhere one could procure a wand
lugMegNon-magic folk
derF dan geeroGTwins
kawFse hTe ePhoxinAlbus Dumbledore's pet
siFuli wilktiFcA extremey short man
beRusu giHrdaThe Keeper of Keys and Grounds of Hogwarts
naaHnh tobtAbA member of Hufflepuff
skoChorskanHermione Granger's pet
laAbrale gFgiA squib with many cats
hTe toGelb Of reFiA magical method of selecting the worthiest candidates
eH Woh suMt oNt Be daNemYou Know Who
viPrte virDeThe residence in which the Dursley family dwell
hTe olyBod narBoA transparent man wearing chains

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