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Forced Order
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Hint :)CreatureExtra Information
In the first movie, a figure is seen drinking its blood in the forbidden forest
Harry faces them in the 2nd task of the Tri-Wiz tournament, and they are known to sing beautifully
They are not very friendly with large claws, and are often mistaken for twigs
Hagrid has one as a pet. It attacks Malfoy in the during a Care of Magical Creatures lesson in his 3rd year
You can only see them if you have witnessed death
Firenze, Bane, Ronan
The monster hidden in the Chamber of Secrets
What Seamus' boggart turns into
Welsh Green, Norweigan Ridgeback, Chinese Fireball, Hungarian Horntail
Hagrids cross-bred invention studied in Harry's 4th year Care of Magical creatures class
Hint :)CreatureExtra Information
the species to which Aragog belongs
They love shiny things. Lee Jordan levitates one into umbridges window when she is headmistress
Appears to be made of smoke. They lure unwary travellers into bogs and marshes
Japanese water demon found in Mongolia
What was in a tank in Lupins office the first time Harry went to see him
They are very good at forging metal, e.g The Sword of Godric Gryffindor
They love to work and are usually bound to serve one family (unless set free) e.g Winky
Round 'balls of fluff' in shades of purple and pink. Ginny buys one and names it Arnold
The Lovegoods strongly believe they exist. A mischeivous creature that apparently infests mistletoe
A bird that is reborn from its own ashes after bursting into flames to die

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