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Forced Order
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What was the name of the dog that Aunt Marge brought with her to Privet Drive?
Who does Harry impersonate on the Knight Bus?
What is the name of Harry's Care of Magical Creatures set book?
Which shop-owner knows a lot about medieval witch-burnings?
What is the name of (the answer to question 4)'s shop?
What is the name of the pet Hermione purchases in Diagon Alley?
The above is half cat, half -------
What was the name of the store where the above was purchased?
What house was Gryffindor playing when the dementors came to the match and caused Harry to fall off his broom.
Who was 'attacked' by Buckbeak the Hippogriff?
What do Harry and Hermione use to tempt Buckbeak away from Hagrids hut?
What is the name of the Excecutioner hired for Buckbeak?
Hint (:Answer (:
What did Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle dress up as to 'scare' Harry?
What body part was missing from Ron's rat Scabbers?
Who was the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher?
What creature was in a tank in his office, the first time Harry ever visited him in said office?
What is the name of the spell taught to Harry to defend himself from the dementors?
What is the incantation for the above spell?
And what form does Harry's Patronus take on?
When does professor Lupin's transformation take place?
Sirius Black was appointed as Harry's ---------
However, the secret keeper was ----- ---------
Who could turn into a what at will?
In what room of Hogwarts is Sirius Black held?

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