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Ron and Harry trapped Hermione in a room with a -----
What is the name of the Librarian?
Over the Christmas holidays, Ron taught Harry what game?
What did Hagrid give Harry for Christmas?
What colour was Harry's 'Weasley Jumper'?
What else did Mrs. Weasley send Harry?
'Your father left this in my possesion before he died. It is time it was returned to you. --- -- ---- A very merry christmas to you'
What is the name given to the mirror that shows ones greatest desire?
Where did Mrs. and Mr. Weasley go for christmas?
What was inside Harry and Fred's christmas cracker other than a wizards hat?
Where was the first place Harry went in the invisibility cloak?
What was Snape bitten by on Halloween night?
What did Harry see in the Mirror of Erised?
Hint :)Answer :)
Which teacher's protection other than Quirrells is not shown in the movie?
What did Hagrid name his Norweigan Ridgeback?
How many Gryffindor points were lost in total when professor McGonagall discovered Neville, Hermione and Harry out of bed at 1 am?
Who attacked Crabbe and Goyle at Harry's second quidditch match?
What chess piece did Ron assume when attempting to find the Philosophers Stone?
What creature does Quirrell admit to having a 'Special Gift' with?
Who was the owner of the Philosophers Stone before it was destroyed?
Dumbledore is famous for defeating the evil wizard -----------
He is also famous for discovering the 12 uses of ------'- blood
Who was under Quirrell's turban?
What flavour Bertie Botts Every Flavour Bean did Dumbledore eat at Harry's bedside?
How old was Nicolas Flamel according to the book from which Harry, Hermione and Ron discovered the Philosophers stone??

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