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Forced Order
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Who killed Dobby the house-elf?
Who curses off George's ear (7th book) ?
Who attacked Bill leaving him scarred and preferring his meat on the raw side?
Who did Marvolo Gaunt beat regularly (6th book)?
Who slashes Malfoy's chest in the bathroom?
Who cursed Ron, causing him to vomit slugs?
Who removed all the bones from Harry's arm?
Who curses Hermione, causing her teeth to grow unnaturally fast?
Who locked Alastor Moody in a cell to have a fresh store of ingredients and information?
Who hit Harry with a stinging jinx?
Who tortures Hermione at Malfoy Manor (7th book)?
Who punched Draco Malfoy (3rd book)?
Who broke Harry's nose on the Hogwarts Express?
Who/What bit Harry's leg (4th book)?
Who bewithed a bludger to attack Harry, breaking his arm?
Who gave Harry a lightening shaped scar on his forehead?
Who killed Sirius Black?
Who killed Gregorovitch (7th book)?

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