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Forced Order
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what the spell doesspell
Summoning charm
Produce water
Unlock locked doors
Causes invisible ink and objects to appear
Lifts the caster high into the air
Instant killing curse
Creates a flock of birds
Causes a small explosion (used in the 2nd MOVIE)
Warns castor about approaching enemies
Lock doors so they cannot be opened manually
Glues the victims shoes to the floor
Confusion charm
Causes the target to go up in flames
Torture curse
Gouging spell
Causes the victims teeth to grow unnaturally fast
To break/cut/open things
Forces said object to shrink
Turns the target to stone
what the spell doesspell
A healing spell for minor injuries
Enlarges an item
Vanishing charm
Patronus charm
To disarm an opponent
Causes an object to explode
To turn a creature to a goblet
Conjures a bandage and a splint
Ends a spell and/or the effects of a spell
Causes a person to break out in boils
A charm that produces duplicates of said object
Freezing charm
Causes stairs to flatten into a slide
A charm that reveals the presence of other humans
Render a creature immobile
To stop/slow things down
Take control of a victims mind
To protect something from water
A spell that produces ropes and binds the victim
what the spell doesspell
Starts a fire
Inflates objects/person
Glues the victims tongue to the roof of their mouth
Enables someone to read your mind
Dangles someone in the air by their ankle
Counter-spell to Levicorpus
Locks an opponents legs together
Lights a wand tip
Causes weather jinxes to cease
Casts the dark mark
Fills the area with an unidentifyable buzzing
Counter spell to lumos
Erases someones memory
Causes a blindfold to appear over the victims eyes
Causes birds to attack
Conjures a bunch of flowers
Creates a temporary path through magical barriers
Conjures red sparks
Full body bind curse
what the spell doesspell
Causes a wand to act like a compass
Name of the magic created when two wands that share a core connect
Shield charm
Counter-curse to Sonorous
Reduces the size of an object
Reduces an object to dust
Fixes broken things
Repelling charm
Releases creatures/people from bindings
Tickling charm
Cleaning charm
Created by the half blood prince- cut enemies
Produces a snake
Amplifies the voice of the witch/wizard
Cushioning charm
Renders an opponent stunned
Launches small objects into the air
Levitation charm

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