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What size does Kelly think she is?
In Kelly's opinion, what funeral was sadder than her sister's?
Who did Kelly date to get back at Ryan?
What is Kelly's middle name?
Who was the pediatrician that Kelly married?
What did Kelly want for her New Year's Resolution?
What does Kelly never stop doing?
Where did Kelly mistakenly think she was moving with her husband?
Where did Kelly actually end up moving with her husband?
Who does Kelly end up befriending in the office?
What is Kelly's occupation?
What was Kelly's gift choice from Corporate in the episode 'Classy Christmas'?
'I talk a lot, so I've learned to just _______________'.
In the episode 'The Seminar', Kelly calls herself the _____________
To be mean to Andy's new girlfriend, Kelly walks up and asks 'Jessica, did you just ____?'
What game made Kelly start talking smack to Pam?
Who ended up moving to another desk because Kelly talked too much?
In the episode 'Costume Contest', Ryan dressed as Justin Bieber, while Kelly originally dressed up as
Kelly eventually changed her Halloween costume to
In the episode 'Christmas Party', Kelly gets drunk and ends up kissing who?

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