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Synopsis Epic Poem % Correct
A Greek hero encounters many obstacles on his long journey home from Troy.Odyssey
A conflict arises between Achilles and Agamemnon in the final weeks of the Trojan War.Iliad
An Anglo-Saxon hero battles three monsters (notably Grendel), becomes king and dies after being mortally wounded.Beowulf
Adam and Eve are tempted by Satan and expelled from the Garden of Eden.Paradise Lost
A Sumerian king goes on adventures with his companion Enkidu, and searches for immortality after the latter's death.Epic of Gilgamesh
Dante is guided by the poet Virgil through the three realms of the dead: hell, purgatory and paradise.Divine Comedy
Jason, on an oracle's advice, assembles a shipload of fifty heroes to retrieve the Golden Fleece.Argonautica
A Trojan hero flees the burning of Troy and goes to Italy, becoming the ancestor of the Romans.Aeneid
A series of unconnected transformation stories central to the mythological creation and history of the world.Metamorphoses
A pious Hebrew man struggles to retain his piety through trials with Satan, and to reconcile the existence of evil with the belief in God.Book of Job
Synopsis Epic Poem % Correct
Various American Indian legends are compiled, centering around an Ojibwe hero and his love for his wife, Minehaha.Song of Hiawatha
Charlemagne's army, retreating from Spain, is attacked and courageously fights a losing battle against the Basques.Song of Roland
Rama, an incarnation of Vishnu, pursues the demon king Ravana in an effort to reunite with his kidnapped wife Sita.Ramayana
Many traditional Norse poems compiled into one volume.Poetic Edda
Five brothers gamble away their money and spend time in exile before returning to reclaim the throne of India, culminating in the Battle of Kurukshetra and the death of Krishna.Mahabharata
The dragon-slayer Siegfried lives at the Court of the Burgundians, is murdered and then avenged.Nibelungenlied
A compilation of many traditional Finnish and Karelian folktales dealing with the creation and history of the world.Kalevala
A disabled Mandinka man raises an army to overthrow the king of Sosso and becomes the first ruler of the Mali Empire.Epic of Sundiata
Two clans, the Taira and the Minamoto, struggle for control of Japan in the Genpei War in the 12th century.Tale of the Heike
A Kyrgyz hero and his followers defend their people against invading Kitay and Kalmak enemies.Epic of Manas

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