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QUIZ: Can you name the common typographical terms?

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The joining together of two or three letters to make them more pleasing to the eye
A specific type of [previous answer] which is not necessary due to overlaps between letters, but rather purely stylistic; often include extra flourishes
A nonstandard symbol combining an exclamation point with a question mark
A line often used to denote ranges between numbers and dates whose width is defined as one-half the point size of the font
Another name for capital or uppercase letters
A style of lettering used for abbreviations, e.g. CIA, or section headings
Placing punctuation marks, like bullets or quotation marks, outside the margin so as not to disrupt the flow of text; also called hanging indentation
Vertical lines of white space inadvertently created by full justification
Altering the spacing between a specific pair of letters to make them fit better
A comma used after the last item in a series (e.g. Tom, Dick, and Harry) which can be used or not used, provided there is consistency
A text decoration which librarians insist on using for book titles but which should NEVER be used in real typography
Originally a combination of the letters 'e' and 't,' a symbol denoting the word 'and'
The portion of a letter which extends above the median line
The curve between a stroke and a serif
A style, generally specific to sans serif typefaces, which is slanted to the right to provide emphasis; not to be confused with italics

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