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Principle establishedCase
Which case established the principle that a third party cannot acquire contract rights on a contract to which they are not party in 1861?
Which case, involving personal injury, established the criteria for enforcing a stay of proceedings against a third party?
Which case, decided in 2001, supports the general rule that a contracting party cannot recover damages for the loss of a third party?
This case established that tort law could potentially outflank the doctrine of privity, when some ginger ale was subject to some negligence
Famous case in which a collateral contract allowed a third party to sue
This case limited the trust exception to cases in which a trust had been intended by the parties
It is a tort to induce a party to breach their contract with another. 1853
Which case involving a family holiday cast doubt on the principle that contracting parties cannot sue for the loss of third parties in 1975?
An agent can no longer sue in a contract, in which he is acting on behalf of a principal, once the agent has entered into a contract with another party. 1915
Which case did Denning misleadingly site in his judgment in the Jackson v Horizon Holidays case
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