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Greenfield's First Name
Oedipus's home
The Blind Man
Original Language of Oedipus
Tone of Oedipus
PLace Oedipus killed his father
Who did Oedipus kill to be King?
What sense does Oedipus loose at the end?
Location of The Bald Soprano
in the bald soprano everything is.....
Mr. and Mrs. Martin's Train Seats
Mr. Martin's First Name
Mrs. Martin's First Name
Number of times the doorbell rang in TBS
The Fire Chief's second story
The Poem in TBS
Main Character in Fabulation
Who informs Undine she has no money?
Undine's family lives here
Undine's Family occupation
drug used by grandmother
Undine's job
Place Undine is sent after prison
What form does Undine have to fill out?
At the end Undine gives...
In Angels in America Louis works as a...
In Angels in America Joe works as....
Prior is diagnosed with....
Joe gets a job in the...
Prior appears in_____________ dream
Joe falls in love with.....
Harper imagines that she is in....
Roy insults...
Roy tricks ethel into...
Harper goes to...
Oedipus's sons in Seven Against Thebes
Who dies when the brothers fight?
How many champions does each side have?
Realism author
Major play in the Realism reading
Anti-Realism Author
Play by answer to #42
Roman Poet in For a Barbarian Woman
American Colonel falls in love with
The Bear's genre
character named after vodka
Smirnov fights with.....
Professor Greenfield broke his_______ in class
Greenfield doesn't like...

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