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Named after her sword.
'Zero', but not the one from Code Geass. Some say it's due to her breast size.
Succubi princess.
'Kindness in a can', as his brother once described him.
Otaku midget with knee-long blue hair.
'The King of Akina', owner of the famous 'hachiroku'.
Suprisingly similar to 'Little Witch Miraku-run'.
She can't be this cute.
Indian who grows when the moon goes red.
'Chaos Reconstructor', 'Grey Wolf', 'Golden Fairy' and 'Monstre Charmant'. One little girl.
Has a pet uribou called 'Botan'.
Commonly seen playing on her Fender Mustang.
Always has a bandage below her left eye.
A computer with a on/off switch in a quite perverted place.
Gender-changing fire bender.
A sadistic girl trying co cure a masochist by beating him up.
'Geek Boy'
Wears female clothes and goes by a female name due to dance training. He gets better.
15 year old fox-eared sniper witch.
Energetic bisexual higschooler with reality warping powers. Known for the 'Slaves Of [her surname] Brigade'.
'Tenshi'. Likes mapo tofu.
Vector girl with split personality.
Kasuga Ayumu. Kudos if you got it though, because she is NEVER called by her name.
Beautiful Black-haired Bandit Fighter wielding Green Dragon Crescent Blade.
Her strong bond with her twin, strengthened as a result of the tragic loss of their parents leads to incest fantasies.
White cat-like creature with rings on things growing out from his ear.
A policewoman, who became a vampire.
'Palmtop Tiger'
Telekinetic girl named after a great detective.
For those who think nightmares can't be merry.
Pet Class Angeloid type Alpha, known as 'Uranus Queen'.
Class president who is a maid.
Ninja in a orange(black-orange in second series) tracksuit. Also, the title character.
Returns to his aunt's home after 7 years.
Got ran over by a woman on a Vespa.
In the game she abuses the male lead, because she blames him for her mom's death while he takes her punishment so she won't fall in despair and depression.
16 year-old eroge voice actress.
Has a habit of saying 'kodak' whenever she is about to take a photo of someone. Same voice actress as 2nd character of this list, which is probably the first thing you'll notice.
Named 'Two hands' or 'Rebecca'. Her weapons of choice are a pair of modified Beretta 92FS's.
So cute and timid, you wouldn't believe she plays basketball. Nicknamed 'Innocent Charm'.
Chess, mind control and resistance against Britannia. He surely isn't bored.
'Dragon Slayer', apparently raised by one.
Athletic, likes boobs. Middle of the triplets

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