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Can you identify the terms or people associated with biology that begin with the letter 'F'?

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An American primatologist known for her research with mountain gorillas
Any muscle whose contraction causes a joint or limb to bend
The leaf of a cycad, fern or palm plant
The rapid, irregular and unsynchronised contraction of muscle fibres, particularly of cardiac muscle
A collective term for animals, often used to describe the animals that occur in a particular region or time period
A small cavity, sac or gland; two familiar examples are associated with the ovaries and hair
The oviduct in mammalian species
What an ichthyologist studies
The metabolic conversion of sugar to acid, alcohol or gas through the agency of bacteria or yeast
A whip-like appendage of certain cells or unicellular organisms that allows locomotion
The unborn offspring of a mammal, generally during later stages of gestation
A non-globular protein involved in the clotting of blood
A flowerless, seedless vascular plant that reproduces through spores
The narrower of the two bones of the lower leg in humans
Reduced genetic diversity in populations descended from a small ancestral population that colonised a new area
The biologist who discovered penicillin
A collective term for plants, often used to describe the plants that occur in a particular region or time period
Any non-woody flowering plant other than grasses, sedges or rushes
The fusion of male and female gametes (ovum and sperm) to initiate the development of offspring
The taxonomic family to which the lion and jaguar belong
Any member of the kingdom of non-photosynthetic, non-vascular organisms that includes mushrooms, smuts, rusts, yeasts, and most molds
A monosaccharide (simple sugar) that occurs in honey, nectar and fruit
An abnormal opening between two hollow organs, or between a hollow organ and the skin’s surface
The preserved remnant of an organism that existed in the past, often in a past geologic age
A cavity or depression in a bone; also, a carnivorous mammal endemic to Madagascar
A British biophysicist whose research was instrumental to discovering the double helical molecular structure of DNA, but who received much less credit than Watson and Crick
An opening or orifice in a bone or in the ovule of a plant
The longest and strongest bone in the human body
The taxonomic ranking between order and genus
An animal that feeds primarily or exclusively on fruit

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