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Do you know every character in Harry Potter world?

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Read the description to answer the right
I killed Harry Potter's parents.
I love Lily. But James took her from me.
I'm a misterious man. My sister died because of me. Grindelwald was my partner.
The Elder wand was belong to me before Harry beat me in my own house.
Really? I can't believe this. You-know-who took my wand and use it to kill Harry. But you know that Harry's wand destroy mine.
I'm the smartest among the founders of Hogwarts,
I'm Harry's God-father.
I filled half of Azkaban.
My sword that Harry use to kill basilisk and some of the horcruxe,
Muggle, muggle, muggle. I'm really instersting with them. I like to modify the muggle's car.
The spell to open a locked things.
I'm the Editor, Owner, and Author of the Quibbler.
An ability to speak with snake.
Harry loves me but I love Cedric.
I can't belive that You-Know-Who is back. I'm afraid. I use all my power in Daily Prophet to deny the news.
Read the description to answer the right
I'm not a tall man (I really mean that). But, I'm the smartest among the teachers.
My mom is a giant and my dad is a human wizard.
I'm a bestfriend of Ron and Hermione. Ron's sister is my wife.I
I hate mud-blood. I create the chamber of secret and put a monster inside the chamber to kill all the mud-blood.
Harry, please. Take my body to my father!
If you come in to my house, you are loyal and carring.
I'm the first owner of the Invisibility Cloak.
Salazar used it to kill the mud-blood.
The symbol of Slytherin.
I'm the prefek of Ravenclaw House. Percy was my boyfriend.
I'm the only one centaur in Hogwarts.
Hagrid loves me. I almost kill Malfoy because of his arrogancy. And his father want to revenge. But, Harry and his friends saved me before they kill me.
Sirius is the last Black that I serve.
I stole one of Horcruxe, and I tried to destroy the horcruxe. But I failed.
I'm the eldest son of Arthur and Molly Weasley.

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