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Forced Order
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'We should clarify something, when you won the race last night that made you King of the Mountain, not king of the no ball pussy losers, they already have their king, my brother.'
'Carpe the diem. Seize the carp!'
'Bull Mountain. Don't go changing!'
'He likes to say he's Napoleon working his way across Europe'
'He's had a crush on that bench for years'
'No offense short-stack but you give me the creeps'
'So, uh, who's the 'jaccuzi casonova'?'
' was called the 80's. Ford was in the White House, Nixon was President, and FDR was runnin' this country into the ground.'
'Well, yeah it doesn't really allow my dice to roll and by dice I mean testicles. Speaking of testicles, let me get a beer.'
'Pig Pen, when I want advice about a good Planet of the Apes film or maybe how to get the resin out of my bong, I will come to you'
'Can you get an STD from a Polar Bear?'
'I think we are checking out a movie right after his nap time.'
' Come on guys, Mr.October batting for the other team'
'So he's a doctor and a pilot? Geez I think I wanna have sex with this guy!'
'No regrets, thats my motto. That, and everybody whang chung tonight.'
'Needed burnin''
'I will have a beer then. And five shots of gold Schlogger.'
'Yeah I got fag practice in the morning so I understand'
'This is Alaska, you're sitting on ice little leprechaun.'
'No swimsuit, no tan lines.'
'no I got molested by a hot tub last night'
'Of all the bars in all the ski towns in Alaska, why'd she have to come to this one?'
'I was just gonna say that I was adopted but...'
'This is the best vanilla latte I have ever had in my entire life, you can actually taste the vanilla..beean!'
'Technically it belonged to the eskimos, but we stole it fair and square'
'Go make tinkle in the cup'
'Rick, I'm your father!'
'That's more of a guideline than a rule. DON'T INTERUPT ME!'
'We'll always have Pedro El Hornies'
'Do it call me retard one more time'

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