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Forced Order
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ClueCharacter (first name)
Mother of Steph
Daughter of Cindy
Murdered Max
Spiked Josh's drink
Wears string vests
Posh girl who had an embarrassing accident in the car competition
Irish girl who was engaged to Gilly
McQueen with a lip piercing
Had to choose which daughter to save in the church
Married Becca and then moved on to her sister
Ex-emo with the real name Barry
Has slept with many including Malachy, Kris, Calvin, Warren, Russ, Rhys, Tony...
Gave birth in the kitchen infront of her father who didn't know of the pregnancy
Murdered the man her cousin had married that day
Lesbian who meant to cut up Zoe's parachute but cut the wrong one
Father of the girl who died in the parachute accident
Left Warren to die in the Loft in the hands of Clare Cunningham
ClueCharacter (first name)
Half-sister of Ste's son Lucas
Arrived in 2008 as a womaniser who first managed to sleep with Sarah
Battled eating disorders, last name Ashworth
Pretended to be pregnant to get money off Spencer
Ended up in a serious relationship with Michaela after a drunken one-night-stand
Wife of Neville
Works as the caretaker at Hollyoaks High
Only original character in the show, the chef at Il Gnosh
Won the Dog in the Pond from Darren in a game of poker
Ex-drug addict who had sex in a car with Nige to get heroin
Mercedes' older sister
Forgave Rhys for having an affair with his fiancee, Beth
Has a brain aneurysm
Boy with dead parents and dead brother, leaving him in the care of Steph
Had a breast enlargement which disgusted albanian boyfriend Alek
Died on his wedding day to Steph
Pretended to have an eating disorder to be closer friends with Miss Ashworth

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