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LyricsSong TitleArtist
It don't run in our blood, That kind of love's just ain't for us
And who do you think you are, Runnin' 'round leaving scars
Lately, I been I been losin' sleep, Dreamin' abou tthe things that we could be
Let him know that you know best, Cause after all you do know best
Gravity, Don't mean too much to me, I'm who I've got to be, These pigs are after me, After you
We could stay young forever, Screamin' from the top of your lungs
Imma shake you off though Get up on that horse and Ride into the sunset Look back with no remorse
It's good to know you've got a friend, That you remember now and then, Everybody loses
Like who's that chick that's rockin' kicks, She's gotta be from outta town
Lyin' on the floor, Surrounded, Surrounded, Why'd you have to wait, Where were you, Where were you, Just a little late
LyricsSong TitleArtist
Say what you mean, Tell me I'm right, And let the sun rain down on me
I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire
I'm 99 for a moment, And just in time for another moment
I take her home, I drive all night to keep her warm, And frozen
Oh you tell me to hold on But innocence is gone And what was right is wrong
Do you feel like a man when you push her around?
So make your siren's call And sing all you want I will not hear what you have to say
Sorry that I couldn't get to you, Anywhere I would've followed you
Summer has come and past, The innocent can never last
If you're goin' my way, I wanna drive it all night long

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