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Layer of water trapped between two layers of less permeable substrate (clay)
Toxicant that interferes with the body's hormone system (chemicals, pollutants, etc)
Large source of water polution (factory/sewer pipe)
The removal of physical contaminants from water
Most prominent chemical in atmosphere
First layer of atmosphere - lowest, used for breathing
Second layer of atmosphere - 2nd lowest, drier, colder, contains UV-radiation
Third layer of atmosphere - low air pressure, much colder
Fourth layer of atmosphere - top layer, extends upward to 300 miles
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North/South air currents of convective cells appear to deflect from straight path - resulting in curving global wind patterns
Alternate fuel source located in corn
Estimated Oil Reserves we have already used
Environmental Hazard that occurs naturally in our environment and pose health threats (earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, etc)
Environmental Hazard that is produced by synthetic chemicals/pollutants produced by our society (pesticides, aerosols, etc)
Environmental Hazard that results from ecological interactions among organisms (viruses, bacterial infections, etc)
Environmental Hazard that results from places we live or our status in society (Second-hand Smoke, Drug Use, Asbestos, etc)

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